We are currently building our FOUNDING MEMBERS. The first 5 Anglers from each state* will be in our Founding Members team for life with a 50% discount! Apply using the “Apply Now” button below.

* this will be an average per state for a total of 250 founding members nationwide

What is Angler Pros?

Angler Pros is a membership site that brings together angler from across the nation to share, teach and build relationships with other fishing enthusiasts. We provide a platform bringing anglers together in a way that hasn’t been done before. We encourage you to document and share your adventures with fell crew members and the rest of the nationwide fishing community.

Whether you are a seasoned angler looking to share your knowledge or someone who is just getting in to the sport, Angler Pros seeks to provide a variety of opportunities for anglers of all levels. Our goal is to get more people involved in the great outdoors, share their experiences, and catch more fish!

As we re-launch Angler Pros we are looking for 5 anglers from each state as founding members to help build our Angler Pros community. We are offering 50% off for life to those founding members! Complete the form on the application page linked below and we’ll get you the details.

Angler Swag Pack

New members receive a swag pack including a hat, decal, wrist band and coozie.

Annual members also receive an Angler Pros jersey (while supplies last!)

Don’t miss out on the jerseys while they last!

Membership Benefits

Exclusive Partner Discounts

Our Angler Crew has exclusive access to discounts from industry partners for a variety of gear. As our crew grows, our partners will too!

Money-Making Opportunities

Through submitting content (blogs, videos, reviews) or referring friends to join, we offer a variety of money-making opportunities.

Angler Pros Gear Swag & Discounts

Angler crew members receive 15% off all Angler Pros gear in our shop as well as some great swag when you sign up including a hat, decal, coozie and wrist band. For a limited time annual members get an Angler Pros jersey (while supplies last)!

Angler Pros Events

Angler Pros provides the opportunity to plan and attend events across the country. Whether they are fishing tournaments or simple get-togethers.

Access to Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group is our main point of networking for our crew. Share your pictures, stories, tips and more while interacting with the rest of the crew, seeing upcoming products, new content and more.

Customized User Profile

Active crew members have the option of creating their own customized Angler Crew Profile. List some info about yourself, a headshot and links to your social media channels. Additionally, any content you submit that is approved will be automatically listed and linked in your profile so you can grow your Crew profile over time!

Access to Fish Swaps

Our newest feature is our Fish Swaps. Members can share swaps they are interested in or offering and communicate directly with other crew members to set up the swaps.

Create Lifelong Relationships

Our goal is to connect anglers from all walks of life. Through Angler Pros you can connect with and build relationships like never before. We encourage you to read some testimonials to see some of our member feedback.

Access to Fishing Charter Directory (Coming Soon!)

Our members have the ability to view our growing fishing charter directory for exclusive discounts. Additionally, you can list your charter if you offer one! Help support local charters and create lasting memories with other Crew Members.

Crew Expectations

You get out of your membership what you put in. You are not required to submit any content or interact in any way – but we strongly encourage it! Interacting with other crew members is what will make this community great.

We do require is respect. We require our members to interact in a respectful way. We don’t support negativity or shaming in any way. We expect our members to support each other and be respectful. To create an amazing community we want to ensure everyone feels comfortable sharing their catches, stories, tips and more, without the worry of negativity.

We also require ethical fishing. We expect anglers to follow the rules set forth by their area. We expect ethical fishing and respect for nature.

Ready to Join? Need more info?

If you are ready to join or would like more information on the program, use the “APPLY NOW” link below to submit your application. We’ll get in touch with you to go over all the program benefits and show you how to join.