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Fishing During Hunting Season

It’s hunting season! If you religiously hunt and fish you have probably been asked this open ended question a million times from the months of September-January. “Have you done any fishing lately?” Nine out of ten times I guarantee your answer is “No, it’s hunting season.” As avid hunters, we all know this time of […]

Hot Bass Catches During Hot Weather

Do you hear them calling? The summer heat can be brutal, but if you are anything like me the fish are always calling no matter what temperature it may be outside. Like the saying goes “No one ever caught a fish by sitting on the couch.” Getting out there and experimenting with different techniques, lures, […]

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2019 Lyman Lake World Championship Weekend

Euphoria As I write this the adrenaline still courses through my body. Flying back home I am just overwhelmed with so many emotions. The weekend of The Lyman Lake World Championship has to be one of my best fishing adventures I’ve ever had. I say this as someone who is on the water a minimum […]

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The Universal Lure

Off the top of your head, can you name one lure design that catches at least eight different types of freshwater fish, possibly more? Such a lure does exist. It is actually probably sitting in the back of your tackle box now. It is normally overlooked because we all like to utilize our lures that […]

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It’s more than Just Fishing

The Birthday Phone Call “Son, I have cancer in four different places. My ribs and three of my organs. One of the organs is in stage four. The doctor is giving me a few months to live.” It felt like a truck had just hit me head on. Selfish to say considering I’m not the […]