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Jacob Davidson Fishing Trip

Word of Wisdom from a Three Year Old

My Fishing Partner My daughter Jalyn is three years old, and she loves fishing almost as much as I do, she even asks to watch Fishing with Nordbye. A fishing show on Youtube hosted by Andrew Nordbye, a FlW tournament fisherman out of Guntersville Alabama. Jalyn also asks to practice her casting whenever I am […]

The One That Got Away

Sitting on the bank of a mountain lake as the glow starts to shine in the eastern skies.  Sitting with my kayak beached on the bank waiting for the first safe light to launch.  The birds starting to chirp as the warming glow starts creeping up the mountain slope from the lake.  Fish crashing the […]

Pinks on the Fly

Every angler venturing to Alaska in search of salmon on the fly dreams vividly of aggressive coho or chum trouncing a streamer being ripped across the river. Day and night dreams of beautiful roll casts, colorful marabou and bunny streamers wafting brilliantly through prime holding water, and a shark-like wake split by a speckled dorsal […]

Backwoods Muskie Adventures

Secluded Honey Holes You might have heard that muskies are “the fish of 10,000 casts.” I can attest to that. I’ve gone days and even weeks without catching a Muskie. Maybe I wasn’t fishing every day, but a Muskie drought is something I try to avoid. I also try to avoid fishing pressure. That’s why […]

trout fishing, Lyman lake world championship

2019 Lyman Lake World Championship Weekend

Euphoria As I write this the adrenaline still courses through my body. Flying back home I am just overwhelmed with so many emotions. The weekend of The Lyman Lake World Championship has to be one of my best fishing adventures I’ve ever had. I say this as someone who is on the water a minimum […]

Justin Edwards Father Picture

It’s more than Just Fishing

The Birthday Phone Call “Son, I have cancer in four different places. My ribs and three of my organs. One of the organs is in stage four. The doctor is giving me a few months to live.” It felt like a truck had just hit me head on. Selfish to say considering I’m not the […]