Fishing Techniques

Pinks on the Fly

Every angler venturing to Alaska in search of salmon on the fly dreams vividly of aggressive coho or chum trouncing a streamer being ripped across the river. Day and night dreams of beautiful roll casts, colorful marabou and bunny streamers wafting brilliantly through prime holding water, and a shark-like wake split by a speckled dorsal […]

Hot Bass Catches During Hot Weather

Do you hear them calling? The summer heat can be brutal, but if you are anything like me the fish are always calling no matter what temperature it may be outside. Like the saying goes “No one ever caught a fish by sitting on the couch.” Getting out there and experimenting with different techniques, lures, […]

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Top 5 Flies of 2019

This is my second season guiding in the Finger Lakes region of New York on the Fly. I got a late start last year and due to weather and late summer rains I was only able to safely guide a handful of clients. I decided to get a head start this year before the season […]

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Down-rigging for Spring Kokanee

Peering over the gunnel of a 24-foot Wooldridge, the high snow-capped peaks towered over the cold blue of Lake Chelan, Washington. Whitecaps broke and lapped at the shoreline as high gusts blew a fine spray off the top like dust from a table. Five of us cast shifty glances, kicked gravel, and hoped someone else […]

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Finding the Right Fishing Setup

I get asked more and more about how I choose my fishing setups and what I recommend.  The water ways in the areas around me are very much different than many others in the country, but the types of gear we as fisherman need when it comes to rods and reels will not change a […]

Emory McCall Kayak Fishing

Ditch the Motor, Hop in a Kayak!

Late one evening I received a phone call from my fishing buddy. With all the enthusiasm of a 12 year old boy he yells “Let’s go fishing”. Questioning I stated emphatically “its 9:30”. After several minutes of discussions plans were made to meet at the boat ramp in the morning. I pulled up to the […]