Fishing Tips

Summertime Smallmouth Fishing Tips

If you are like me, mid to late summer you find yourself in a bind. Water conditions make it unsafe/unethical to fish for trout. Stream flows shrink and the temperature rises. These conditions can frustrate many anglers. In Southwestern PA, we are blessed however with a healthy smallmouth population. Pretty much any river or stream […]

Tenkara Smallmouth

Tenkara Angling for Big-Water Smallmouth

Since discovering tenkara fly-fishing a few years ago, I don’t travel much without a tenkara rod. Tenkara rods are telescopic, collapsing down to about eighteen inches and only require a fly line, leader, and a handful of your favorite flies. Minimal gear and super simple. Absolutely liberating after years of carrying a minimum of four […]

iced over yellow perch

Traditional Tactics for Iced-over Yellow Perch

I am not sure what allure ice fishing or yellow perch had on me, but both suckered me in quickly. A high-mountain reservoir contained yellow perch near my Appalachian home town, but I could never quite connect with them like folks who knew the lake better than I. They were forbidden fruit. So, when I […]

Fishing During Hunting Season

It’s hunting season! If you religiously hunt and fish you have probably been asked this open ended question a million times from the months of September-January. “Have you done any fishing lately?” Nine out of ten times I guarantee your answer is “No, it’s hunting season.” As avid hunters, we all know this time of […]

Pinks on the Fly

Every angler venturing to Alaska in search of salmon on the fly dreams vividly of aggressive coho or chum trouncing a streamer being ripped across the river. Day and night dreams of beautiful roll casts, colorful marabou and bunny streamers wafting brilliantly through prime holding water, and a shark-like wake split by a speckled dorsal […]

Hot Bass Catches During Hot Weather

Do you hear them calling? The summer heat can be brutal, but if you are anything like me the fish are always calling no matter what temperature it may be outside. Like the saying goes “No one ever caught a fish by sitting on the couch.” Getting out there and experimenting with different techniques, lures, […]