Angler Pros Fishing Derby

About the Event:

First Angler Pros Fishing Derby.

Everyone is invited to participate on Saturday June 16th at Lyman Lake for a trout fishing derby. We have at least 4 groups of 3 at this time. If you’re interested in coming let us know so we can get you a team on the roster!

Hoping to get more organized events in the future for you guys, this one was a little short notice.

Check out the event summary with gallery and video here.

Event Location

Lyman Run State Park, PA

Event Host

About Adam Cooper

Event Details:

Event Date: June 16, 2018 -
June 17, 2018
Event Time: 8:00am

Event Registration:

Registration is closed for this event.

Event Attendees:

  • Jimmy McKinney joined February 2018
  • Stefan Caporaletti joined March 2018
  • Tim Parish joined March 2018
  • Dylan Moore joined June 2018
  • Jeremy Kraus joined March 2018
  • Adam Cooper joined June 2018