Spring Steelhead Trip – Western, NY

About the Event:

More the merrier, this is a team production! we could really take over a good section of stream. I would really like to produce a kickass video and cover lots of water.

We could also make it a friendly competition with a little bit of cash at stake with best video frame or biggest fish. Say, 5 bucks a person a day would be like 50 bucks to win. This could improve our effort, ultimately, resulting in good footage and landing more and bigger fish. Plus it adds to the night time convo.

Things you would need to bring are waders and warm non cotton layers, hat, gloves.. we can work out meals and lodging options are open, but I have ideas on the cheap.

Spinning, casting or fly. 10 lb test mono with 6 lb leader Or 6-8 weight with 4x leader I have lots of gear to share, but not enough for 10 people. Bring 2 rods for safety, because there are fish big enough to really spoil your fun and break equipment.

If you want or have a centerpin, they really catch fish

Drenner or Sheffield 3 to 10 gram and split shots

Beads, hair or marabou jigs under 1/4 oz, egg sacs, worms, egg pattern flies, pinks chartreuse oranges and naturals.

Rods & Bait
A good 8-9 foot medium action rod or longer works best.

We will be using whatever works for bait – with all of us fishing it will be way easier to figure out where the fish are and what they like best.

Rods with be set up with floats or dead drifted like nymphing. Check out the videos in posted on the FB discussion!

Egg sacs catch fish, hands down. So we will definitely be using them in a bunch of colors if I can help it.

Second – beads. This is a relatively new method that really kicks ass. I can do a quick video

Third – jigs and egg or steelhead pattern flies and streamers.

The water temp and clarity are really gonna dictate what will work best. Once we figure out what works, we can use the second day to try and produce a kickass video. Lots of vids out there are getting well into the 5 digits in views.

Itinerary would be as follows:

  • Option to arrive Thursday afternoon to prep and plan or leave Friday as a prep day and arrive then and scout spots for fish and conditions
  • Saturday hit the spots we found to be best Friday and fish all day
  • Sunday depending on the fishing Saturday and temps, hit the water in the morning and then depart after lunch

Event Location

Oak Orchard, NY (multiple streams)

Event Host

About Jeremy Kraus

Jeremy Kraus

I've found, the difference between fishing and catching is being in the right place at the right time.

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Event Date: March 22, 2019 -
March 24, 2019

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