Fall Trout on the Fly

Fall is an awesome time of year to be outside. Many people, including myself, are gearing up for hunting season and planning where they are going to be chasing those big bucks. Fall is also a great time to get back on the water. 

Any avid trout angler will tell you that they are excited for fall to come. Below I am going to cover some of the fall fishing basics and strategies that I use to be successful on the trout stream in the fall.

Why it Works

Summer weather is tough on trout. This past summer in PA was especially tough as it brought high temperatures and very little rainfall. Many streams water levels reached lows that I have never seen before. With low levels comes high water temps. This is a recipe for disaster for trout in the streams. Once the season changes and the weather cools down the trout become more active again and even spawn. This makes them want to eat again and become more aggressive. Water level and temperature is everything when you are trout fishing.

Targeting Trout

You can target trout in many ways with a fly rod. The fall season really opens the play book for anglers. You can target them subsurface with nymphs and streamers, and on some more rare occasions you can get them to come up and eat dries. Trout are looking to feed in the fall as the water cools down, so you do not have to get cute with your setups to be successful.

 My favorite way to target these fish in the fall is pulling larger streamers through the water and feeling the aggressive bites and watching the trout strike. As I said above you can pretty much select any presentation that you prefer. 

Reading the water is still important. You want to target the pools where trout can ambush their pray and stay consistent with your presentations in that area. I like to find faster water with a little bit of depth. The faster water forces the trout to make faster decisions. This allows some room for error in your presentation. Faster water does present certain challenges, however. If you are not getting strikes, chances are you are not reaching the strike zone. Do not be afraid to add some weight to your presentation.

Dylan Dando w/ Trout

The Balancing Act

As I said above, fall is a great time to be outside doing anything. I like to try to balance my time between my tree-stand and being on the river as much as I can. Fall can be a very productive time to be on the water and should not be overlooked by anglers. These fall trout basic tips help me to be successful and hope they give my fellow anglers the same success!

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