Featured Crew: Cody Younciak

About Cody

My love for fishing started way back when I was a kid. My dad would take me down to a local trout stream and show me all the basics. He taught me how to float my bait on top of the water, how to feel the difference between a rock and a fish, and how to spot them swimming in the water. These were the days that had me hooked on fishing.

Ever since those days, I’ve grown wiser about the sport. Expanding my range from trout fishing to all other types of fishing. Bass fishing, cat fishing, fly-fishing, you name it. It was because of my dad that I am where I am today. Fishing is my passion. Growing up I was always a trout angler. Could catch them anywhere anytime. People would come to me daily asking for advice and would ask how I was able to catch so many. That is what inspired me to expand into all other types of fishing and keep expanding my knowledge.

Fishing has become a way of life for me. I could not imagine life without it.

What is your favorite thing about being on the water fishing?

My favorite thing about being on the water would have to be becoming a part of nature. When you are out there on the water, you are not an angler. You become part of that waterway and part of that habitat. You have to become stealthy; you clear your mind and become one with the water. It is a very relaxing time and improves your skills as an angler. Slow down, take in the views, the sounds, and the scenery and you will discover the true beauty of being an angler!

Tell us about your favorite brands and gear

I have many favorite brands for lots of gear. Starting with my rods and reels.

My Favorite Rods

I prefer Duckett. I have experimented with other brands but Duckett has been my favorite so far and is the brand I am always on the lookout for. They have great sensitivity; great action and they are super light.

My Favorite Reels

Daiwa, no questions asked. You will not hear another name come out of my mouth or be on my rods. Daiwa has high quality reels for great prices. Great breaking systems, great looks and smoothness like hot butter.

My Favorite Soft Plastics

I am a YUM guy. The dinger is my top choice. I throw it every time I am on the water and have lots of success with it. Plastics are reliable and easy to carry when pond hopping.

My Favorite Clothing

None other than HUK. This brand is the coolest around. Keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Most of their shirts are waterproof and seeing that technology in action is truly amazing.

Why do you like being a part of Angler Pros?

I enjoy being a part of Angler Pros because it opens me up to a new variety of people, techniques, and ways to fish. You learn constantly, find out new tricks, and even make some new friends that you will have as fishing buddies for a long time. In addition, you will find out there is die-hard guys a lot closer to you than you think. You can then share spots and ideas, even get together, and fish. Its truly one big happy family.