Featured Crew: Dalton Hart

About Dalton

I’ve been fishing since I was 3 years old just something about being out on the water has always got to me. My granddads have been a big impact on my fishing experience teaching me all the basics from catching bream to catching large-mouth bass. The main place I’ve fished in my lifetime has been in the freshwater, specifically Lake Murray, South Carolina. I’ve been striper fishing out on lake Murray for years catching the early top water bite in the early summer months to down rodding in the hotter months.

I’m currently attending the University South Carolina Aiken and I’m a part of the fishing club which is starting to compete this upcoming fall. We will be bass fishing in all the college tournaments in hope of becoming a great team. As far as my bass fishing experience goes I’m a decent bass fisherman always eager to learn new tricks to catching the beautiful fish. My personal best large-mouth bass was 9 pounds while my personal best striper is 17 pounds.

Dalton Hart Large Mouth Bass

What is your favorite thing about being on the water fishing?

My favorite thing about being out on the water is feeling the warm air all around, the calmness of the water, and most of all the bend in my fishing rod from setting the hook!

Tell us about your favorite brands and gear

I don’t per say have a favorite brand of fishing equipment but my favorite rod and reel combo is my pen rod and reel. It’s perfect for top water striper fishing because of the strength of the rod and the smoothness of the reel.

Why do you like being a part of Angler Pros?

My favorite thing about being a team member of Angler Pros is being able to communicate with others and learn new things from people all over the country. Also I love hearing fishing stories from other people and hearing about their experience out on the water.