Featured Crew: Dylan Dando

Dylan Dando Rainbow Trout

My first memory of fishing was when I was very young, and my father took me to the local Rod & Gun club. We had a small amount of tackle and a push button reel. My dad put on a lure and told me that it was his favorite I took hold of the rod and reel and flung the lure right into a tree where it would find its new home. Fast forward a few years and my uncle wanted to take me out fishing for Pennsylvania’s trout season opener. We went out and I did not catch a fish and we both struggled, but the challenge got me more excited about the sport. Throughout my career in fishing I have been lucky to have many role models. I can say that my Uncle Mike probably had the largest impact on me taking a liking to a sport which would change my life by giving me a hobby that I love to this day.

Moving forward into my college years I was lucky enough to have great roommates that all shared my passion for trout fishing. It would be in this time period that I would catch my first 20-inch fish out of a stream and really become obsessed with it. I would still look forward to the opening day of trout season, but even more I would look forward to going home and fishing with my uncle and his friends each year. It would be on one of these trips where another role model in my fishing career, John Pollock, would hand me a fly rod for the first time. This was not just any fly rod, but one that was hand made by John and that had my name engraved in it. Fly fishing presented a new challenge to me and became a new passion and obsession. I then decided to get into making my own flies because it would again be a new challenge and the reward of catching a fish would be that much greater.

Yellow Creek Trout

Now I spend most of my time on the water fly fishing for all species, but mainly for trout. My favorite thing about being on the water is the disconnect that I get from day to day life. When I am on the water, I do not worry about anything and just enjoy the simplicity of trying to have a fish eat my presentation. I currently use a lot of gear, but some of my favorite brands are Orvis, Simms and Fishpond. Orvis waders and Simms technical clothing are bullet proof and are worth every penny. Fishpond in my opinion has the best nets, and fishing packs on the market. I am not sponsored or loyal to anyone brand and use a lot more than these 3, but if I had to only choose a few, these would be it. I love being a part of Angler Pros because of the ability to connect with like minded people across the nation. I love to learn about new techniques and tricks on how to fool fish. Everyone that I have been in contact with has been great and I enjoy seeing our team catching great fish across the board. We have a great team and I see this being great moving forward.