Featured Crew: Jeremy Kraus

About Jeremy

I basically grew up on the water, swimming, boating, and FISHING. I first started small with my dad on golf course ponds and little lakes. Around 10 I learned fly fishing, and with it tying flies that I thought might imitate what was in the water I normally fished. I still enjoy live bait and trolling certain species different times of the year, but my favorite method is definitely on the fly.

What is your favorite thing about being on the water fishing?

Being on the water means so much. I feel rooted; in tune with nature and myself when I am out on the lake or streamside. There is something to be said about having a ‘good’ day of fishing, but for me any chance on the water is a huge win.

Jeremy Kraus Featured Crew

Tell us about your favorite brands and gear

It is hard to choose just one brand. There are so many that I have on hand depending on the what and where. Here is a list of some go to gear. Some that I have used for years and years and some I just got into that has been dream to use/wear.

  • Clothes/rain gear: Simms – hands down best I’ve ever used
  • Boots: Korkers for the versatility and comfort
  • Fly Rod: Temple Fork Outfitters for feel and amazing customer service
  • Fly tying: Allen flyfishing has some quality hooks and materials that have not let me down ever
  • Conventional: Shimano reels paired with Ugly Stik is a die hard combo that stand up to the abuse of elements and hard hitting fish at a reasonable price
  • Line: Berkley Vanish is my go to for just about all applications, except dry fly leaders

There is so much more to explore!

Why do you like being a part of Angler Pros?

Becoming an Angler-Pros crew member has introduced me to a whole new avenue of fishing. Taking on the film and photography aspect has helped me appreciate and learn from the skills of others and encouraged me to expand and share my own. Since joining, I have made multiple connections with other crew members, applied for and recieved a guide’s license in NY, and captured some really great outdoor moments on film. Angler-Pros has encouraged me to dig deeper – I wouldn’t trade the experience!