Picture Submissions

Here you can submit your pictures that you’d like to feature on our site in our Angler Crew Gallery. We feature these pictures not only here, but will also share the top pictures on social media as well as in our newsletter and include credit to the photographer.

Please read our post on photography basics. This gives you a quick rundown of what makes for a great picture and will help you submit pictures that are most likely to be chosen for the site!

How does this work?

Simply submit your pictures using the form below and if you’re chosen we’ll email you to let you know! Simple as that! We do reserve the right to edit the pictures if needed (uniform sizing for the website is necessary). Additionally, all pictures you submit MUST be your own pictures. You cannot submit any images that have any restrictions or were paid for elsewhere.

How often do post new pictures?

We post new pictures three times per week. If we receive an influx of amazing pictures, we will increase that number. We want to show off our Crew Member’s pictures as much as possible!

Picture Submission Form

The application is only available to active crew members.